AB Split Testing

In addition to web production services, IIM offers an advanced A/B Split Testing Platform. A/B Testing is a way to test and measure the impact of various design concepts and element configurations. This allows you to validate site structure, copy and promotional offers to ensure maximum site efficiency and ROI.

The combination of our seasoned web consultants and advanced A/B Testing Platform allows us to provide our clients with answers and direction. Every campaign is unique and requires effective planning and execution. At Local Incite, we can provide you with a one-time engagement or permanent access to the A/B Testing Platform based on your development needs.

Why Split Test

IIM believes that split testing is critical if you want your web site to maximize effendis and site ROI. Split testing allows you to gather real-time data on your visitor behavior and then apply the results to improve the web site.

Unleash Potential

Split testing doesn't need to be a complicated process. Starting with basic tests and then moving up to more advanced testing is a great approach to unleashing potential opportunities. There is a great deal of benefit in understanding your clients behavior online. Our AB Split Testing platform provides our clients with a fast and efficient way to conduct website testing yet it has advanced tools for geo-targeting, multi-page funnel testing, custom visitor segments and more.

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