Targeted Mobile Advertising

Mobile Web Design

IIM’s Proximity-Based Mobile Advertising service will drive consumers to your doorstep. Creating and managing engaging branded mobile campaigns is easy and highly effective!

Wherever your target audience lives, plays, and works – put your mobile ads on their smartphone with industry-leading technology, a premium news-based inventory and dynamic geographic precision.

Here’s How IIM Mobile Advertising Works

IIM Develops Creative Assets for Your Campaign:

IIM will help you design compelling creative assets that drive consumers to your business. We have the ability to incorporate consumer location and other location-related information into a the ad itself. Your ad will target the right person on their smartphone at the right time – in real time.


Select Size of Campaign:

Decide how small or large to set your geo-targeting (from foot traffic to an entire town or city). Precise geographic information leads to higher-quality and specific consumer targeting.

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“TARGET” your audience with more campaign specific toolsets:

Time of Day 
Choose optimal times for your consumers to see your ads: days of the week, times of the day etc

Advertising Categories 
Select from an A-List inventory that includes premium local and national news outlets, lifestyle brands, and top games and applications. Target specific demographics and through IIM’s interchangeable publication options such as Food and Drink, Health, Technology, Travel, Hispanic and more!

Is Mobile Marketing The Future?

- In 2014 mobile is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage -

- 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour -

- 78% of retailers plan to invest in mobile this year -

- 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop every day -